by Dean Harris

Sleep On It

I’ve been writing again, lately. I’ve spent the few hours between when Rachel goes to bed and when I go to bed with my nose buried in my laptop, furiously typing away.

I’ve had a number of draft articles all but ready to publish. For one reason or another, though, I’ve ended up not publishing any of them immediately. Previously, as soon as I was happy with a cursory rereading of something I’d written, I’d hit the publish button and it would be unleashed on the world.

But no more. For whatever reason it is, I’ve not felt the urge to publish my words immediately. I’ve come back to each article the next afternoon and realised that I wasn’t really happy with them. They were poorly written, or they didn’t have a clear message, or they were saying something that has been said a million times before. In other words, they weren’t fit to publish.

When I’d finished working on them the night before, I was satisfied with how they read. I had been working hard on them for a few hours1. My mind was tired, and wasn’t prepared to deal with more time editing and rewriting, so it told me that what I had written was satisfactory.

A good nights sleep, and a few hours removed, and I could see the words for what they were - a start, at best. And so, an age old method of quality control was revealed to me. Sleep on it. Things are always clearest in the light of a new day.


  1. No, that isn’t really all that long, but for a hack like myself it feels like forever.