by Dean Harris

Introducing WriteDown

A few months ago, after making the switch from Wordpress to Jekyll, I came to the realisation that I actually quite like having a web interface for whatever blogging tool I use. Then, after seeing Dustin Curtis’ Svbtle recently, I was inspired to create one. I’ve spent the better part of the last two days with my nose buried in my laptop working on WriteDown1.

Writedown Homescreen

I like a lot of the ideas that Svbtle embodies - quick entry for potential blog posts, keeping potential blog posts visible so that they keep being worked on, and stripping out all of the bullshit that most web interfaces have in spades.

Writedown Editor

Writedown Editor

As it stands, there really aren’t any features to speak of - just basic functionality:

That’s it.

It is still missing the ability to edit a draft that has already been created, which is somewhat crucial, but that will probably take me a lot more time than I plan to spend on it this weekend.

I do have more in mind for the future, but right now, I’m pretty happy with the results.

I seriously doubt that it’s something that you’d want to use, but you can download it or browse the source code on Github

  1. A truly terrible name, I know. Got a better suggestion? Let me know.